Licorice Extract

Licorice extract is the concentrated juice of licorice roots. Licorice roots are first cleaned, dried and then ground; afterwards they enter to extraction process. It is done through modern machinery.

Each licorice extract product has its own properties and is used in specific industries. Licorice extract is mostly used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, confectionery, chocolate and candy, tobacco industry and many others.

licorice extract is presented in different forms such as:

  • Licorice extract blocks
  • Licorice extract paste
  • Licorice extract granules
  • Licorice extract powder

Products About Us

Some Of Our Products

Licorice Extract Blocks

We produce & Export Best Quality Licorice Extract Blocks (Block) to all over the World.

Licorice Extract Powder

We Produce & Export Best Quality Licorice Extract Powder (HGL-DGL) To All over the World.

Licorice Root

VThe licorice raw root, can be provided in stick or ground form and other forms

Licorice Granules

Licorice Extract Granule is a product that has the ability to dissolve quickly in hot water.

Production Process Of Licorice Products

totally, our products are divided in 3 categories

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